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New Home Design Color Trends
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From : Janine Geigel
Subject : Designing Your Home With Colorfull Ideas

Some colors are timeless, like beige, white, cream, grey, and black, so that they do not have to wait their turn to be popular, but others like blue, red, orange, and green, are not. In this article, I would like to review some colors that become the colors of 2014. Some are the repetition of last year’s trend, and some others are new home design color trends. Here are the review, so that you can choose one or some that best describe your personality. Dont forget to find more high quality home design ideas before you starting the decor project

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Beige, white, off white, and grey


They are the safest colors in all era for none of them are new home design color trends. They almost never fade away from trend in any year of this century. However, some designers think that those colors are too dull because it is the right era for people to dare themselves in exploiting a braver color. If you wish to apply these colors as the base colors of your house, it is advisable to give a stronger emphasize on the details of your home, such as lamps, painting, furniture, or other smaller accents.

Green and green everywhere


Maybe because of the environmental issue that people tend to consider eco friendliness as an important factor, the fame of green is increasing. Although it is rare to use green as a base color of interior or exterior design, but the use of green can now be found from fabrics, accessories, and even kitchen counter tops. Green is an excellent detail for your room.

Brass and gold


Those two colors resemble luxury. From photo frames, mirror frames, bathroom’s basins, to table, chairs, and shelves decorations come in those two colors. It is like to bring the era of Cleopatra to your house, where your furniture and decorations of your interior designs are so sparkling. With the right lighting, the two colors can add a beautiful effect to your homes.


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Blue and all of its shades colors


Dark blue, light blue, baby blue, teal, turquoise, cyan, sky blue, navy blue, etc. are just reaching their popularity back this year. The nuance of blue is ideal for a room. You can combine several different kinds of blue in one room. The effect is so dramatic. The room of blue can give you the sense of both tranquility and freshness. You can apply these blues in almost any rooms at your house, from living rooms to bed rooms and even kitchen. Although this colors are considered masculine colors, many women start to use these colors as a statement of their strength and courage.

Darker colors to add a dramatic space


Darker colors like dark blue or black are used to make the rooms look more dramatic. Not only be applied on the walls, the dark colors are also used in the furniture, like cabinets, book shelves, table, chairs, and cushions.

Ethnic and Traditional Pattern Fabrics


Fabrics with patterns, such as geometric, flowers, stripped, and dotted are used to give more contemporary and casual look of the rooms. Especially for living rooms and bed rooms, the use of patterned fabrics is among the hottest new home design color trends.
Modernize the traditions is the trend. We often see many traditional fabrics are used to add more colors to modern houses. Handicrafts are also great ornaments to give a sense of tradition to your homes. This trend is caused by the idea of uniting the diversity and creating one peace world for everybody.


The touch of flowers
for your home colors

Flower prints can be used as an excellent touch of your room. For example, if you wish to choose the safest color of white, you can add flowery pattern for the pillow or the wall. It can be the effect of the global warming that make flowery pattern and shades of blue become trends. No matter what the reason is, floral pattern is one of the new home design color trends.

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Natural colors


Wooden natural colors are people’s favorite this year. The lighter the color, the more beautiful it may look. Brown and camel are also become hip again. The idea is to put the colors of the earth as well as the colors of many organic materials (such as the color of natural stones and bricks) inside your house.

Rustic Modern Home Design


This look is achieved by adding modern style to something that is outdated. Therefore, mixing an industrial setting which is full of metal, with raw materials such as stones or wood, best describes this trend. Create an “Old World” style inside of a contemporary space.

Transparent and more transparent colors


Curtains are no longer made of velvet. Vases and bottles are no longer in matte solid colors. Most of the decorations and small details in the houses are made in transparent colors. The reason is maybe because this is the era of transparency. Even the kitchen cabinets are made openly with no doors or simply made in glass doors, kitchen appliances have glass doors, and counter tops also made of glass. Window sheers are transparent, and so are lamp covers.